This is a series of blogs for advanced topics in SQL. You will need some basic understanding of Database and Management Systems and SQL. I hope you are ready for some in-depth “Indexing”.

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What is Indexing?

Whenever we run a query on our database, we scan through the entire database, given a few conditions. Indexing is a method of optimisation that reduces disk access for particular types of query.


An index is a type of data structure that is used to locate and access a particular data…


What are deep or dynamic links? Why are they used, and how to implement them in your application? Can you get analytics out of that?

  1. Basics of Flutter
  2. Code structure for Flutter

What are Deep/Dynamic Links?

According to Firebase, it is

Firebase Dynamic Links are links that work the way you want, on multiple platforms, and whether or not your app is already installed.

It is a way to share application information with people who might or might not have your application. …


In this section, we assume that you are already familiar with the basics of Flutter. In case you are new or a beginner at Flutter Application Development, please go through my blog — Starting with Flutter.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you must have come across a thought.

Should I go with Native Android (Java + XML) or should I go for Hybrid development?

Now you decide to go with Hybrid Development. So the next question comes in.

Should I go with React Native or go with Flutter?

Well, that’s a debate for a completely different day. So let’s jump into starting with Flutter.

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Where to start?

Setting up the flutter will be the 1st thing we will do. Either you can see this video or follow this. …

What is what?

Let’s discuss what is competitive programming and development first. Competitive Programming is a fun and professional sport of coding and solving problems that involve knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms. On the other hand, development involves making a website application, android and iOS application that we daily use.

What to start first?

There is actually no specific answer, but I guess this is the most asked question on LinkedIn by a 1st or a 2nd-year college student and also as to how to start? There is no definite approach to this. It may differ on who is doing and what is the long-term goal…

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This article will cover:

  1. Who is this blog for?
  2. Must have’s for an Android Internship.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s).
  4. What to expect from a summer internship?
  5. Where to look for internships?

Let’s start !!

Who is this for?

I would keep this article as general as possible. Still, this will be highly beneficial if you are reading this in your 1st or 2nd year. Getting a good internship in summers after your 2nd year, if you are not from Tier-1 college is quite challenging but as Gary Vaynerchuk says :

Love The Process

Must have’s for an Android Internship

If you want to start Android development and are clueless you can…

It is completely fine to get scared of Android Development. I am quite sure no Android Developer out there has ever been confident about Android Development in the starting. So how to start it?

Starting Android Development and setting up the environment

So this might be a bit difficult for starters, but then what is easy at starting. So lets first start with the discussion of OS. If you have a MacOS, its perfect. Other Operating Systems like, Windows and Linux(of your choice) work perfectly fine as well. For dual-booting of Ubuntu alongside Windows you may follow this :

Congratulations, the first step to decide your OS…

Samveg Thaker

Entrepreneur | SE at Microsoft | Ex-DSC Lead | Winner of SIH2019 | Android Developer

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